Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best food from the best ingredients found all around the world. However, it takes alot more then just great ingredients to prepare such a dish. These elements are just a fraction of what we believe to be vital in capturing the true essence of our food. At Sakana Sushi and Asian Bistro you’ll find the most experienced chefs who are dedicated to their work and complete customer satisfaction. We always strive to offer you such intangible ingredients such as dedication, passion, and service from all of our staff. You can’t help but fall in love with Our Sushi, Our Chef’s, and the entire staff at Sakana Sushi and Asian Bistro Restaurant.

From Sushi Bar

Seaweed Salad $6

Mixed seaweed, in a Japanese sweet, sesame vinaigrette.

Kani Salad $8

Crab, cucumber and tobiko mixed w/ mayo.

Sakana Tuna Salad $15

Bite size of pieces of big eye red tuna, Mixed w/ cashews fresh mango & cucumber served on a bed of organic spring mixed tossed in Yuzu (Japanese, Vinegar Dressing).

Rainbow Trio $19

2 pieces each (6 total) of Tuna, Salmon & Yellowtail wrapped around cucumber, kaiware, kani, Jalapeno & avocado finished w/ a chef’s glaze.

Salmon Lily $16

Salmon belly dusted in Japanese seasonings & lightly seared, sliced sashimi style on a bed of Japanese style guacamole.

Yellowtail Jalapeño $15

Sashimi style yellowtail topped with slices of jalapeño and ponzu sauce

Dragon Ball $13

Spicy, crunchy tuna and spicy crab wrap in avocado served tobbiko cucumber chef’s special sauce.

Tuna Poke $16

Diced big eye Tuna, avocado, asparagus and greens tossed in the chef’s special sauce.

Blackened Tuna $14

Sashimi style seared pepper tuna topped with tobiko, scallion & chef’s special sauce.

Avocado Rolln $5

Cucumber Roll $5

Asparagus Roll $5

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll $7

Vegetable Tempura Roll $8

Mushroom & Avocado Roll $6

Oshinko Roll $5

A.A.C Roll $6

Avocado, asparagus and cucumber

Futo Maki $9

California Roll $5

Crab meat, avocado and cucumber

Boston Roll $6

Shrimp, cucumber & mayo

Philadelphia Roll $7

Smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese

Spicy Snow Crab Roll $7

Eel and Cucumber or Avocado $7

Chicken Tempura Roll $8

Salmon Skin Roll $6

Shrimp Tempura Roll $9

Lobster Salad Roll $9

King Crab Avocado Roll $11

Dragon Roll $12

Eel and cucumber inside, topped with avocado

Spider Roll $11

Tuna Roll $6

Salmon Roll $5

Yellowtail Roll $6

Alaskan Roll $6

Spicy Tuna Roll $8

Spicy Salmon Roll $7

Spicy Yellowtail Roll $8

Spicy White Tuna Roll $7

Rainbow Roll $14

Under the Sea Roll $22

Lobster Tempura, mango, cucumber avocado and tobiko wrap in soy paper top w/ spicy snow crab.

Sunset Roll $20

King crab avocado and cucumber wrap in soy paper top w/ 4 color tobiko.

# 9 Roll $16

Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside. salmon & avocado on top w/ spicy mayo.

Sakana Roll $18

Eel tempura inside, topped w/ tuna, salmon, avocado and caviar.

Sweet Heart Roll $19

Shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy tuna, and cucumber, wrapped in pink soy paper.

Dynamite Roll $16

Spicy tuna,spicy salmon, & cucumber topped w. spicy crab.

Naruto Roll $16

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab, avocado and asparagus, wrapped in cucumber.

White Tiger Roll $19

Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, avocado crunch & tobiko wrapped in white seaweed.

Pink Panther Roll $16

Spicy tuna, peanut, avocado and cucumber wrapped in pink soy paper w/ mango salsa.

Dancing Tuna Roll $18

Spicy tuna, asparagus, cucumber, and radish sprout top w/ seared tuna, avocado, tobiko, scallion, wasabi and mayo sauce.

Volcano Roll $16

Deep fried shrimp tempura roll topped w. spicy tuna, tobiko and toasted.

Yum Yum Roll $19

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and cucumber inside; topped w/ eel and avocado.

Godzilla Roll $20

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado inside, topped w/ a whole eel and tobiko.

Sakura Roll $17

Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, topped w/ spicy crab.

Mango Tuna Roll $18

Spicy white tuna, asparagus, avocado inside, topped w/ tuna mango sauce.

Black Dragon Roll $18

Lobster, asparagus & cucumber inside, topped w/ eel, avocado and tobiko on top.

BMW Roll $14

Deep fried spicy tuna, avocado maki, topped w/ eel sauce, and spicy mayo.

Wayzata Roll $19

Seared tuna, asparagus, tobiko+scallion and radish sprout inside, topped w/ tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, avocado, caviar, scallion & eel sauce.

Crunchy Roll $17

Shrimp avocado cucumber & radish sprout inside rolled in crunchy, flakes tobiko & seaweed power finished w/ eel sauce.

Spicy Girl $17

Inside spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber, topped w. spicy salmon jalapeno & wasabi mayo.

Sakana Sushi $25

Chef choice of 9 pcs of assorted raw fish nigiri with a spicy tuna roll.

Sakana Sashimi $27

Chef choice of 18 pcs assorted raw fish.

Sushi & Sashimi Combo $27

Chef choice of 9 pcs sashimi & 5 pcs nigiri and a California roll.

Tuna or Salmon Love $28

8pcs tuna or salmon sushi, with 1 spicy tuna or spicy salmon roll.

Unagi Don $20

BBQ eel over sushi rice.

Chirashi Sushi $28

Assortment of fresh fish served over bed of seasoned sushi rice.

Tuna (Maguro) $6

Eel (Unagi) $6

Mackerel (Saba) $5

Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) $5

King Crab $9

Squid (Ika) $5

Egg (Tamago) $4

Salmon (Sake) $5

Sea Bass (Suzuki ) $5

Shrimp (Ebi) $5

Smoked Salmon $6

Fatty Tuna (Toro) MP

Scallop (Hotate) $7

Crab (Kani) $4

Spicy Tuna $6

Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi) MP

Yellowtail (Hamachi) $6

White Tuna $5

Albacore (Tuna) $5

Salmon Roe (Ikura) $7

Sea Urchin (Uni)MP

Surf Clam (Hokkigai) $5

Octopus (Tako) $6

Spicy Scallop $8

Sushi Lunch $14

Chef choice of 6 pcs assorted nigiri sushi with spicy tuna roll

Sashimi Lunch $15

Chef choice of 12 pcs assorted raw fish sashimi

Sushi & Sashimi Combo Lunch $16

Chef choice of 4 nigiri & 6 pcs sashimi and California roll

Any 2 Roll $10 / Any 3 Roll $14

Avocado Roll / Cucumber Roll / Asparagus Roll / Sweet Potato Roll / Mushroom / Avocado Roll / Oshinko Roll / A.A.C. Roll / California Roll / Spicy Snow Crab Roll / Eel Cucumber or Avocado / Salmon Skin Roll / Tuna Roll / Salmon Roll / Yellowtail Roll / Alaskan Roll / Spicy Tuna Roll / Spicy Salmon Roll / Spicy Yellowtail Roll / Boston Roll / Philadelphia Roll / Shrimp Tempura Roll / Chicken Tempura Roll / Vegetable Tempura Roll

From Kitchen

Asian Felt Green Salad $5

Organic spring mix with pickled cucumber and mango; served with a side of ginger dressing. Add Avocado 2/ Add Grilled Chicken 5

Edamame $6

Steamed Japanese soy bean pods; lightly salted.

Szechuan Spicy Edamame $8

Rock Shrimp Tempura $13

bite size pieces of rock shrimp, lightly flash fried, tossed in a spicy aioli.

Spring Rolls $7

4 vegetarian egg rolls,wrapped in rice paper and lightly flash fried.

Soft Shell Crab $10

Batter fried soft shell crab w/ tempura sauce.

Chicken Satay $10

4 marinated chicken skewers, lightly flash fried and served with a side of thai peanut dipping sauce.

Crispy Calamari $12

Tossed in a seven spice batter, flash fried, served with a side of our home made mango salsa .

Pork Dumplings $7

A.K.A. Gyoza. Lightly pan seared to golden perfection, served with a basil soy vinegar sauce.

Szechuan Dumplings $9

Lightly steamed dumplings filled with a pork and shrimp combination. Topped with Chinese chili oil and crushed peanuts.

Thai Lettuce Wraps $12

Wok seared Thai basil, diced chicken & vegetables in hoisin Sauce.

Shrimp Tempura App $10

Batter fried shrimp and vegetables w/ tempura dipping sauce.

Barbecue Spareribs $11

Tender spare ribs in a hoisin barbecue glaze.

Crispy Spicy Salmon Wonton $12

Hand folded wontons filled w/ spicy salmon & cream cheese; lightly flash fried.

Agedashi Tofu $8

Lightly battered and flash fried tofu served with tempura sauce.

Grilled Calamari $11

Served w/ butter spicy garlic sauce.

Summer Rolls $9

Rice noodles, cucumber, avocado, baby greens and shrimp, wrapped in clear rice paper.

Lemon Grass Soup (Tom Yum)

Vegetable/Chicken/Shrimp/Seafood 4/6/7/8

Miso Soup $3

Tofu, seaweed & scallion.

Chinese Wonton Soup $4

Freshly made pork dumpling and snow peas in a chicken broth.

Coconut Curry Soup

Spicy & creamy, in a coconut curry broth. Vegetable/Chicken/Shrimp/Seafood 4/6/7/8

Pad Thai

Stir fried rice noodle with tamarind sauce and ground peanut.
Mix Vegetable 10/ Shrimp 15
Chicken 13/ Tenderloin 16

Lo Mein (stir fried egg noodle)

Mix Vegetables 10/ Chicken 13
Shrimp 14/ Tenderloin 16

Yaki Udon

Mix Vegetables 10/ Chicken 13
Shrimp 14/ Tenderloin 16

Yaki Soba

Mix Vegetables 10/ Chicken 13
Shrimp 14/ Tenderloin 16

Fried Rice

Egg & Vegetable 10/ Chicken 13
Shrimp 14/ Combo 15

Pineapple Fried Rice

Chicken 13/ Shrimp 15/ Seafood 16

Tom Yum Broth with Soba Noodle

Vegetable 12/ Chicken 14/ Seafood 16

Clear Broth with Udon Noodle

Vegetable 10/ Chicken 13
Wonton 13/ Shrimp Tempura 15

Sakana Curry Broth with Soba or Udon

Mix Vegetables 12/ Chicken 14/ Seafood 16

Sakana Surf & Turf $29

6 oz Lobster tail and 6 oz USDA beef tederloin, stir fried with mix veg in ginger scallion sauce.

Hong Kong Chilean Sea Bass $28

Pan fried + broiled Chilean sea bass in a spicy Hong Kong X.O jian sauce, served with stir fried mixed vegetable with a shrimp tempura roll.

Sesame Seared Tuna $26

Big eye tuna steak encrusted with black+white seame seeds, pan seared served with avocado and a sushi rice maki in mango chili aioli.

Wild Black Cod Miso $25

Wild caught black cod filet in an orange miso glaze, served with a side of asian greens and garnished with sweet potato tempura .

Szechuan Kung Pao Steak $21

USDA beef tenderloin cubed, tossed with asparagus, bell pepper, onion and peanuts in a spicy Szechuan pepper corn sauce.

Sakana Forbidden Love $19

3 piece of tempura shrimp served alongside crispy chicken in a sweet Chinese brown sauce garnished with honey encrusted walnuts.

Wok Grilled Garlic Shrimp $20

Jumbo shrimp on a bed of baby bok choy garnished w/ a Chinese garlic brown sauce.

Shrimp Tempura Dinner $18

5 pieces of tempura battered shrimp, fried to perfection with vegetable medley.

Zodiac Scallops $24

Pan seared sea scallops in butter peppercorn garlic sauce.

Thai Spicy Mango Shrimp $20

A combination of fresh mango, basil, Asian vegetable and jumbo shrimp tossed in a sweet chili sauce.

Thai Curry

Sauteed choice of meats with onion, bell pepper, broccoli, carrot, and snow peas.
Tofu 16/ Chicken 17/ Shrimp 20/ Tenderloin 22

Spicy Key Lime Shrimp $22

Sauteed jumbo prawn with zucchini, onion, bell peppers, and carrots in spicy Thai key lime sauce.

Thai Peanut

Sauteed choice vegetable of meat with onion, zucchini, pepper, asparagus.
Chicken 17/ Shrimp 19/ Tenderloin 21

Chicken with Cashew $18

All white meat chicken, baby greens and roasted cashews stir fried in chef’s special thai chili sauce.

Kobe Style Beef $23

Stir-fried tenderloin w/ mixed veg. in Korean red chili sauce.

Balsamic Teriyaki

served with a side of homemade teriyaki sauce and steamed vegetables.
Chicken 16/ Shrimp 19/ Salmon 20

Young Ginger Chicken $17

All white meat chicken, broccoli, onion, red bell pepper, snow peas, asparagus & fresh ginger in a hoisin sauce.

Triple Green w/ Chicken $17

Broccoli, asparagus and snow pea with all white meat chicken in Chinese ginger brown sauce.

Sweet & Sour Chicken $15

Tangy sweet and sour sauce with flash fried pieces of crispy chicken w/ a side of pineapple.

Sesame Chicken or Tofu $16

Flash fried pieces of all white meat chicken tossed in a sweet sesame sauce served with a side of steamed broccoli.

Bamboo Steamer $10

A combination of vegetables steamed in a traditional bamboo basket, served with classic Chinese brown sauce on the side.
add Tofu 3/ Chicken 5/ Shrimp 8

Bento A Chicken or Shrimp Teriyaki

Bento B Shrimp and Veg Tempura

Bento C Sesame Chicken or Tofu

Bento D Mango Shrimp or Chicken

Bento E Kung Pao Beef or Chicken

Bento F Chicken or Veg Lo Mein

Bento G Chicken or Tofu Pad Thai

Bento H Coconut Curry Chicken or Shrimp

Bento I Chicken or Beef w. Cashew

Bento J Bamboo Steamer w. Chicken or Tofu

Bento K Peanut Chicken or Beef